things from Berlin

I spent 3 months in Berlin studying art direction recently. As usual, I wandered around and took a bunch of photographs. Here they are.

  Deutsch Flagge auf dem Reichstag

  Trains by Warschauer Strasse

  Epic Statue at the Soviet War Memorial Treptow

  The Dome on Top of the Reichstag.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is Beautiful and Heartbreaking.

Merry Christmas at the Brandenburg Gate

Cool Wooden Rocketship!

Shit Shit Shit! Berlin isn't all that beautiful, but it's honest

Death Ray at the Soviet War Memorial

I took this same photograph 5 years ago. This one is much better

  Sanssouci palace in potsdam

  These statues of babies partying are awesome!

  I watched my first real football game in the Olympic Stadium