Transitions "Cleaner Light" Campaign Pitch


There’s so much we try to do in order to make our world a better place. Fresher air. Purer water. Organic and natural foods. But there’s still something all around us that doesn’t get a lot of attention. Light.


For all its beauty and illuminating power, we tend to overlook the damage that harmful UV and blue light can cause our eyes.


But what if there was a way to block the bad and let the good pass through? A way to give our eyes the attention we give so many other problems? What if light could be cleaner?
cleaner light pitch

cleaner light pitch

cleaner light pitch

cleaner light pitch

cleaner light pitch

cleaner light pitch

cleaner light pitch

cleaner light pitch

cleaner light pitch

cleaner light pitch

TV: 30 Script

MUSIC: Sigur Rós - “Starálfur”

Open on a woman inside a beautiful barn; her lenses are clear. She steps outside into her vineyard and a lens are washes the screen to white. We settle back on the woman as her lenses transition from clear to full-tint.

VO: Light.

Cut to a close-up of her, the sun is shining o her face and re ecting o her lenses. It’s slightly windy and she wipes hair away from her face.

VO: For all its beauty.

Cut to a man laying in bed. It’s nighttime. His lenses are clear as he stares at his vertical iPad screen.

VO: And all it illuminates.

A woman hops in the bed and snuggles up next to him.

VO: We don’t always think about what’s in it.

He turns the iPad from vertical to horizontal.

VO: But why? We all want to make things better.

Cut to a woman at a farmer’s stand, picking fresh vegetables. Her lenses are in mid-tint under the awning.

VO: Cleaner air, energy, water, food.

Cut to a man in a suit riding a bike on a city street. It’s daytime and his lenses are in full-tint. He passes a bus crammed with people in business attire.


VO: But what about cleaner light?

Cut to a park with a father and daughter. The daughter is smiling wide and soaking wet. Behind her you can see a sprinkler/fountain that she had just been running through. Her lenses are in full-tint.

VO: What if we could block out the bad?

Close-up to the girl laughing and shaking her head, getting her dad wet.

VO: Transitions lenses block UV and blue light and harsh glare from the sun, and our devices.

Cut to a woman on her roo op in a city. She’s tending a quaint garden of everyday items repurposed as planters. One big plant is in a tire. A smaller plant is inside an old boot.

VO: So only the good shines through.

Cut to a close-up of her looking o the roof into the distance, the sun is beginning to set. Her glasses are full-tint.

VO: Experience a World of Cleaner Light.

Cut to blue light infographic card and logo lockup.