Penciled in on the back of my hand.

My good friend Robert the Bobert, Bobby Martin was kind enough to send me a few musical golden oldies from our past this week. Here they are for your listening pleasure.

Break Up Your Band

the light is as eerie as its description

Robert the Bobert, Kacy the B, and I decided to make some music a few summers ago. We even formed a band that was more than a little influenced by Chavez on this track. We never did get around to writing any words, but it's probably better that way.

Citrus for Romeo


The 90's boy band power pop sensation!!! Somehow a cassette survived the chaos of the 2000's to bring us a few gems. Kacy, and Bob (Robert) and I played some pretty fun pop music back in highschool.



Robert the Bobert Martin found some cool old junkbox recordings of PONO. The recording quality isn't great, but the song is INSANE so I had to share it. This is Robert the Bobert, Josh Huah Hackenjos, Kacy KCB Mazur, and I rocking da funk out in the basement.