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Takis Luchador Campaign Pitch

Developed and Pitched to Takis/Grupo Bimbo in Texas.


Takis created the original intensely flavored rolled chip snack. Ever since, bigger brands like Dorritos and Cheetos have copied them. These brands have huge advertising budgets so very few people have heard of Takis.


Takis actually is what these other brands wish they could be: an authentic Mexican brand with more intense flavor and fiercly active fans on social media. This makes Takis a great upstart challenger to these huge less authentic brands.


A long lasting, broad reaching campaign based around Takis hiring a Luchador as their CEO. El Luchador CEO is as bold, intense, and authentically Mexican as their snack chips and his business solutions lead to an endless supply of super fun, fast, adaptable, and inexpensive material for Takis to use in social media as well as opportunities to leverage their existing relationship with the WWE wrestling league.

Project Details

Client: Takis / Grupo Bimbo

Role: Creative Art Director / Designer

Team: Creative Director/Writer
Graphic Designer

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