Viberzi Irritabelle Campaign

Cleo Award Winning Campaign


How do you launch a new product that treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea (IBS-D) in a way that is more interesting than a traditional pharmaceutical ad campaign, but sufferers can still identify with?


When you have IBS-D your gut annoys you, but it's still part of who you are, just like a sibling, best friend, or roommate.


To make the struggle with IBS-D real we created a humorous, yet respectful campaign built around a live action character named Irritabelle who represents an irritable bowel. She gets in the way, ruins plans and is irritating before treatment, but is back on your side afterward—engaging in all the positive tropes of pharma advertising (tandem bikes, walks on the beach etc).
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"Home" National TV ad.

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"Office" National TV ad.

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"Intervention" Online video.

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"Irritabelle Explains" Online video.

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