My name is Pat Gamble. I am an art director, renaissance man, and ambidextrous. (1)
I was raised in the wild, if by wild you mean the rural suburbs of Portland, Oregon. (2)
I attended the University of Oregon for a year then I moved back to Portland to pursue a music career and study English and Music at Portland State University.(3)
I had a long, amazing, 7-year college career at PSU that played out like a montage in an 80’s coming of age movie.(4)
My career as an overeducated rockstar and bartender left me wanting more so I pursued graphic design. As interesting as it is, I’m still a rocker and polymath jack of all trades at heart. I fell in love with graphic design’s sexier and more creatively rewarding sister Art Direction and haven’t regretted it for a second.

(1) only at billiards.
(2) Naturally this means that I can pilot a boat, cut down a tree with an axe, drink free-range organic coffee while reading marx, and come across as a respectable young man to a cute girl’s wealthy, conservative parents.
(3) frat parties, stoned hacky sack drum circles, and 200 person lectures on eastern philosophies really aren’t my style.
(4) I took life breaks to: record albums, go on tour with bands, start a recording studio, work construction, tend bar, work as a booking agent, travel to vermont on the Greyhound bus to live under a tarp in the woods for a month. You know, regular kid stuff.

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STUFF (and things)

Kind of like a blog, but less bloggy.

A little project I did in Cinema 4D and After Effects off a tutorial.

Simply a picture of Bernie Sanders that I made for no reason at all.

Here's a recent project I art directed at work for Volvo Trucks. It's not traditional "advertising" work, more of a product bennefit video and website.

My friend Bob suggested changing the name of the Redskins to the Racists. I thought that was smart so I did it. Links to download the new logo and print it out are inside the post.

Antonio Fragoso, Carlos Ortega and I are nominated to win a D&AD award for this project at the end of June.

This is a piece of spec. work advertising that I'm doing for Goorin Hats. It's still a work in progress and I'd love some feedback.

A shirt inspired by all the guest speakers I've been lucky enough to hear at Miami Ad School.

Miami Ad School brings in all sorts of smart people to give us carreer, advertising, and life advice. This seems to be the most important part of succeeding in advertising because they all say it. I think MAS should give them to guest speakers as a thank you for coming to speak with us.

This is an amazing speech given by David Foster Wallace. It resonates deeply with me and the way that I try to live so I thought I'd share it.

I found a couple of graphics I designed a while ago and figured I'd share them. These are some of my favorites.

My new project that taps into the instagram API to share locations and photo's of abandoned bikes in order to get the City to clean them up. Check it out and help us out.

I'm working on a new project that taps into the instagram API and I found a program that lets me share my latest 20 instagram photos here. Enjoy.

My good friend Robert the Bobert, Bobby Martin was kind enough to send me a few musical golden oldies from our past this week. Here they are for your listening pleasure.

I spent 3 months in Berlin studying art direction recently. As usual, I wandered around and took a bunch of photographs. Here they are.

A Song I made called Helvetica

Here's a remix of the Battles song "Futura".

I made this video exploration in Cinema 4D while teaching myself some basic 3d modelling

I used to play a ton of music in lots of different bands. I loved it. I'll get back to doing it again some day soon. But for now, here's a look back at some of the things I've been a part of and some photos.

I rode the bus to Prague while I was studying in Berlin. Here are some photos.

A Song I made

Here's a song I made called "too many trees".


GO BLAZERS! that is all.


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